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Geonics LTD EM61-MK2A

EM61 detection of ferrous and nonferrous metals

Will the EM61 detect both ferrous and nonferrous metals? Yes! The EM61 does, in fact, respond to both ferrous and non-ferrous metals! Let’s first quickly review how the EM61 detection occurs. The EM61’s transmitter coil carries a current that creates a strong primary magnetic field that has the potential to intercept a metal target. Once the […]

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Static Background Post

When performing the Static Background Test, why does the EM61 response vary so much?

A little variation in the EM61 response may not be problem if looking for large response targets. However, when looking for smaller targets, baseline measurements must have as little variation as possible. So why are your EM61 readings varying more than+/-1.5 mV? Good question! I don’t know. That’s for you to discover. Variances as small as […]

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Geonics Depth

What is the maximum exploration depth of Geonics equipment?

How deep can Geonics equipment explore? That depends on what piece of equipment the user is using. The maximum exploration depth of Geonics equipment that measures ground conductivity and magnetic susceptibility, such as the EM-31, EM-38, and EM-34, is dependent on the selected intercoil spacing and orientation of the coils. In other words, the distance […]

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