EM31 Assembly

How to assemble a Geonics EM31!

EM31 Assembly

EM31 Shipping Case

1. The EM31 and all its components will come in one large shipping case containing the EM31, its transmitter and receiver, and a field computer. Carefully unpack the components and organize them to have easy access to all the items. Confirm that all the components are present by checking the packing list.


EM31 Assembly

Access the transmitter and reciever

2. Orientate the EM31 so that the transmitter and receiver are on top. Unscrew the large nut in the center. This nut may or may not have two sets of threads. If it has two sets of threads, loosen the first set by turning it counterclockwise and then lift it up and begin to turn it counterclockwise once again until you can remove it from its bolt.


3. At this point, the tubes should be free from the main console. Rotate each tube end for end. The tubes should now be in the correct orientation to be attached to the console. Find the side labeled transmitter on the console and insert the tube marked transmitter on the tube. The two pieces should slide together without force. Once inserted the clasps can be clamped down. Likewise, attach the receiver to the side labeled “receiver.” Besides being labeled, the pieces should be color coded as well.

EM31 Assembly

Attach the EM31 Receiver

Loose clasps are a common occurrence. Before buckling the transmitter and receiver into their proper place, make certain the clasps are tight. The clasps that connect the transmitter and receiver can be made tighter by rotating the clasps clockwise. Reconnect and tighten the nut and its accompanying fastener to the EM31.


EM31 Assembly

Connect the EM31 to the Allegro


4. Orientate the EM31 so that its handle is facing up. Remove the cover by unlatching its buckles. Place the cover somewhere that it will not be lost. The EM31 case may be a good place to store it for the time being, as well as other documents that were shipped with the unit.


5. Connect the data logger cable to the EM31 and the field computer. The serial cable for the field computer can be plugged into any Com Port; however, the field computer must be configured to the proper port. The default Com Port for the logger is usually Com Port 1.


EM31 Assembly is now complete!

EM31 Assembly

EM31 with Allegro Field Computer


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