Geonics Training Courses

Geonics Training Courses

are intended to assist engineers, geophysicists, geologists, construction

supervisors, and others with the operation of Geonics’s EM31, EM38, EM61, EM34 and its data loggers. Geonics training courses have been created for many of the routine and daily operations an operator uses with Geonics’s electromagnetic geophysical instrumentation. The site is an ongoing effort, so please excuse some of the construction debris.

Please let us know at Geonics Training .com what you would like to see more of. If you have a site that requires an electromagnetic geophysical survey, whether it be for metal detection or terrain conductivity, let us know what you need. Provide us with a enough lead time to develop a lesson pertaining to your specific application. Once you have a chance to visit lessons at Geonics Training .com you will see that there is a personal approach on many of the Geonics training courses. It has been our focus to assist with minimizing information that does not pertain to applications that are seldom used. For example, Geonics Training .com discusses how to transfer EM61 data through the use of a USB flash drive rather than a direct serial connection between the data logger and the computer.  This method of transferring data is preferred because of not only the ease but also the avoidance of many of the difficulties within the EM61 serial cable transfer program. If there is a problem, Geonics Training .com offers lessons that take the operator step by step through the programming process.


Geonics Equipment Assembly

Geonics Equipment Assembly

Be Confident with Geonics Equipment Assembly. Learn how to assemble geophysical survey equipment made by Geonics. Whether it is putting ...
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EM61-MK2A Survey

EM61 Operation with the Data Logging Program

TK6000 and EM61-MK2 Learn how to use the EM61-MK2A data logger program in the TK6000 Field Computer in conjunction with ...
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EM38 Operation with the EM38-MK2 Program

Learn how to use the EM38-MK2 data logger program with the TK6000 Field Computer with the EM38 instrumentation to conduct ...
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EM31-MK2 and Allegro Field Computer

EM31 Operation with the EM31-MK2 Program

Learn how to use the EM31-MK2 data logger program in the Allegro Field Computer in conjunction with EM31 instrumentation to ...
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EM34-3 Operation with the EM34 Program

Learn how to use the EM34 data logger program in the TK6000 Field Computer in conjunction with the EM34-3 instrumentation ...
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Geonics Training Courses Offers Direction

Geonics Training Courses Offer Direction


The same equipment that is used in Geonics Training .com

shown above, can be rented from K. D. Jones Instruments. For example, the EM31, EM38, EM61, EM34, its accessories, and data loggers can all be rented. We are interested in assisting with your project. If we can not find an answer we hope to find someone who can.


Geonics Electromagnetic Rental

Geonics Instrumentation Rental


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