EM61-MK2A Logger Setup Menu

Configure the EM61-MK2A Logger Setup Menu on the TK6000.


1. Using the stylus, select the Logger Setup Menu.

EM61-MK2A Logger Setup

EM61-MK2A Logger Setup


2. Modify the EM61-MK2 Field depending on what instrument is being used.

If the standard EM61-MK2A is being used, select Standard. If the EM61- MK2 High Power modification is being used, select High Power.

EM61-MK2 Logger Instrument Setting

EM61-MK2 Instrument Setting


EM61-MK2A Logger Setup

EM61-MK2A Antenna Menu

3. Select the Antenna

Dropbar Menu to select the size of the EM61-MK2A sensor. If standard antennas (1 x 0.5m, 1 x 1m, or 0.5 x0.5 m) are being used, the proper antenna size must be selected before conducting a survey. If the EM61HH-MK2 hand-held antenna is being used, this option can be ignored.



EM61-MK2A Logger Setup

EM61-MK2A Com Port Menu

4. Choose the proper communication port

from the fourth Dropbar Menu from the top named EM61-MK2. This communication port is the port in which your serial cable will be attached. The default com port is COM1:. When GPS is used, this port must be different than the port assigned to GPS.



EM61-MK2A Logger Setup

EM61-MK2A Units Menu

5. Tap the Units Field

with the stylus to determine whether you want your survey to be displayed in either feet or meters.





EM61-MK2A Logger Setup

EM61-MK2 Audio Menu

6. Determine Audio

settings. Select Yes or No in the Audio Field to determine whether the EM61 has audio. Specifically, it will beep when taking a reading.





EM61-MK2A Logger Setup

EM61-MK2 Pause Key Menu

7. Select a Pause

Key. This key will stop the recording of a data line with the ability to continue. The Pause Key is the Enter Key by default.






8. Choose where to store your data.

If the user does not have a flash drive plugged in the EM61-MK2A, there will only be the option “Storage.”

EM61-MK2A Logger Setup

EM61-MK2A Storage Menu


9. After changing the EM61-MK2 Survey Setup Menu options, it is important to save.

Press the OK Button to save. After pressing the OK Button, it is safe to push the X Button to exit. If the user exits without pushing the OK Button, the changes will not be saved.

EM61-MK2A Logger Setup Save and Exit

EM61-MK2A Logger Setup Save and Exit