Why won’t my EM61 files open on the DAT61MK2 program?

Why won’t my EM61 files open on the DAT61MK2 program?

EM61 files are stored in the data logger as a different file type than the DAT61MK2 program can open.  If the files that you are trying open have the .R61 extension, they will need to be converted to .M61 extension to open in the DAT61MK2 program.

Assuming the DAT61MK2 program is already open:

1. Open the Convert Menu and select the Allegro (R61) to Dat61MK2 (M61) Format option.

2. Press the Input File Button. Find the .R61 file that needs to be converted to open.


Convert EM61-MK2 Files

Convert EM61-MK2 Files

3. After selecting the Input File, push the Output File Button. The Output File Button asks the user to rename the new file and to save it to a directory. The old .R61 file will be still around to access after creating the newly converted file.

4. Finalize the process by pushing the Convert Button.

Newly converted files will not automatically open after being converted. If the user wants to open a newly converted .M61 file, he must select the File Dropbar Menu from the DAT61MK2 and pick the Open EM-61 Profile Line option. From here open the correct directory and select the .M61 file that the user wants to view in the DAT61MK2 program.

If the files are the correct type (.M61), and the DAT61MK2 program still cannot open the files, the user may have an outdated DAT61MK2 program. Older DATMK2 programs cannot open newer .M61 files although newer DAT61MK2 programs have the ability to open older .M61 files.  Visit Geonics Download page to download the zip file, “DAT61MK2 (Win).”  The user will need a password from either a rental company or Geonics to extract this program.  For further instructions, visit our page “EM61-MK2A Install DAT61MK2.”

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