Geonics EM61 Troubleshooting


Geonics EM61 Troubleshooting page.

Why won’t my EM61 files open on the DAT61MK2 program?

EM61 files are stored in the data logger as a different type file than the DAT61MK2 program can open.  If the files that you are trying to open have the .R61 extension, they will need to be converted to a .M61 extension in the DAT61MK2.  Click here to read more.

If you’re files are the correct type (.M61), and the DAT61MK2 program still cannot open your files, you may have an outdated DAT61MK2 program. Older software programs cannot open newer .M61 files although newer DAT61MK2 programs have the ability to open older .M61 files.  Visit Geonics Download page to download the zip file, “DAT61MK2 (Win).”  You will need a password from either your rental company or Geonics to extract this program.  For further instructions, visit our page “EM61-MK2A Install DAT61MK2.”


If a well tuned EM61 has a static background reading of +/-1.5 mV, why are my EM61 readings varying so much?

The EM61 responses could be deviating more than +/-1.5 mV for a number of reasons. Have you performed all of Geonics Quality Control tests?  Situations such as metal on clothing, cell phones, or loose cable connections can cause inconsistent baseline tests. For a greater level of confidence, t is a good idea to perform all of Geonics EM61 troubleshooting Quality Control Tests before performing a geophysical investigation.


Geonics EM61 Troubleshooting

Geonics EM61 Troubleshooting


I have performed all of these quality control tests and I am still not collecting consistent readings during a Static Background Test.

Noise. There are many different types of noise that can affect an EM61 response. However, assuming that the EM61 is in a stationary position and free of unwanted metal, ambient noise is most likely the culprit. Radar installations and magnetic storms can affect the EM61.

Radar Interference Geonics EM-61

Radar interference can be a problem for Geonics EM-61

In addition, power lines and navigation (GPS) equipment are common sources of ambient noise that can also affect the EM61. While power lines and navigation equipment are easy to identify, radio waves can be harder to discern. If you suspect that radio waves are interfering with your readings, move the EM61 5 to 10 miles away, and perform the Static Background Test again. If you’re readings are more consistent, chances are that radio waves were affecting your readings. If all else fails, it may be time to try swapping components. Contact the supplier to see what is available and explain you have tried many of the ideas on Geonics EM61 troubleshooting.


Power Transmission Lines Geonics

Power transmission lines can be a source of noise for Geonics instruments

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