Starting the EM38-MK2 Program


Access the EM38-MK2 program on the TK6000.



TK6000 with Stylus

1. Turn on the data logger to access the EM38-MK2 program. Begin by finding and pushing the On/Off Button in the lower, right-hand corner. A screen reading “Ultra-Rugged Field PC” will appear. This is the TK6000 beginning to boot. After the TK6000 is completely booted up, a screen running a handheld version of Windows will appear.


Locate the stylus held in its sheath at the very top. The TK6000 is a touchscreen. Using the stylus makes navigation very easy. It is important to note that the TK6000 can also be navigated using the circular, Directional Button and Enter Button.

While this lesson uses a TK6000 to demonstrate the setup, an Allegro CX is more or less the same. Lessons on the EM31 demonstrate how to use an Allegro CX.


2. Select the Start Button by touching it with the orange tip of the stylus. The Start Button accesses the computer’s programs much like it would in any other windows based operating system.


TK6000 Start Button


TK6000 Explorer

TK6000 File Explorer

3. After selecting the Start Button, use the stylus to select the File Explorer. The File Explorer holds files in two different storage areas; one area named “Storage” and the other named “My Device”. After clicking File Explorer, the operating system will go to last storage area accessed.






My Device

If the “My Device” window appears, the user will need to use the stylus and select the “My Device” dropbar menu and select “Storage”.







4. Once in the “Storage” window, select the EM38-MK2 program file. This program may be named “EM38MK2wm.”

 EM38-MK2 File

Select the EM38-MK2 file



5. Begin setting up a EM38 survey.


EM38-MK2 Program


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